Severn Valley Cider – All about US and ‘The Cider’

SVC is the first totally organic cider brand to be sourced from apples grown exclusively in the Severn Valley. The brand is launched by locals Garry Mathews, David Bedford and Roland Renshaw, with support from their expert cider making team based in Bewdley.

The idea for the drink came from a combination of the cider makers who have been committed to using a totally organic process for over twenty years and a bumper apple harvest last year. The trees are not treated with any man made fertiliser or insecticide and haven’t been for many years.

Worcestershire used to be a large cider producing county, to rival Hereford many years ago. Luckily for us many of the orchards are still standing and producing some of the finest cider apples in the country, because they have been left alone and they are very well established the taste and the quality is amazing.

We’re big fans of natural produce but I don’t like having to pay a huge premium for some organic food and drink, because we have eliminated a lot of the transport and processing from our cider product, we have eliminated a lot of the cost and so our brand is not expensive to buy, undercutting well known cider brands that have to support huge processing sites and advertising campaigns. Effectively we think it is the best of both worlds.

A list of places you can buy SVC will be published shortly.


Roland Renshaw MD
Garry Mathews Brand & Merchandising
David Bedford Sales & Marketing